Burger 7, Falls Church, VA

Burger 7 is one of the newest entries in the still-burgeoning moderately upscale hamburger market (i.e., better than fast food, but not as good as Palena, Vidalia, etc.). It has taken over the old Burrito Brothers space in Idlywood Plaza shopping center (does anyone besides me remember when that Burrito Brothers used to be really good, about 10-12 years ago, when Jennifer was the manager?)

My young dining companion and I had a quick meal, me wanting something light, and he being fourteen years old. Thus:

For me, it was a B7 Jr. ($3.99), a single patty with choice of toppings (my choice was B7 sauce and pickle).

For him, it was a B7 Loaded ($5.99), a double patty on a white bun with lettuce, tomato, cheddar (cheerfully substituted for American), grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, and B7 sauce.

We were not asked about doneness, and both burgers were cooked to well-done. The B7 sauce is a typical “Big Mac-esque” thousand island type of sauce that was applied with admirable restraint.

For the money, the B7 loaded is well-worth the $2 upcharge over the B7 Jr., as it’s not only twice the meat, but taken as a whole, the sandwich is just giant in comparison. Still, I liked mine for what it was, and the meat itself was not at all bad (it’s free range, hormone-free, etc.)

I’d heard mixed reviews about Burger 7, but based on this one visit, I’d say it’s better than average within the genre.

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