Baked & Wired, Georgetown

Anyone who doesn’t think a rising tide lifts all ships hasn’t been to Baked & Wired lately. A couple weeks ago, I counted 173 in line at Georgetown Cupcake (honest, 173 – the line stretched almost to Prospect Street), and I looked upon them all with pity.

I like Georgetown Cupcake (and was an early supporter when they were being jostled on, but these folks were waiting ninety minutes to get what is only the second-best cupcake in Georgetown: Baked & Wired is better, and it’s not even that close a call. I’ve always said so, and continue to think so.

And I’m happy that Baked & Wired is getting some runoff from Georgetown Cupcake. Friday evening, there were about ten people in line (trust me, this is an improvement from the way things were), and a gentleman was parked out front, delivering plastic tubs of cupcakes from his car.

The selection has easily tripled in size over the years, but I can’t imagine we didn’t luck into the best cupcakes in the entire store: a Pretty Bitchin’ ($3.50) was, well, pretty bitchin’ with its crunchy peanut butter frosting sitting atop chocolate cake. It’s hard to believe the Cherry Blossom ($3.50) could be better, but it was mainly because the maraschino cherries inside the vanilla cake kept it ultra-moist, and the cherry buttercream on top was just perfect for this – not too sweet, and with a great texture in contrast to the cherries.

These cupcakes might sound expensive, but they’re decidedly larger than what you get at Georgetown Cupcake. And they’re also better. Read that ten times before you stand in line next time?

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