X.O. Taste, Seven Corners, VA

X.O. Taste was very overrated by restaurant critics when it first opened, and now that it’s no longer owned by Full Kee (the Bailey’s Crossroads Full Kee), it’s somewhat overlooked because it’s not all that bad.

Plus it’s useful, because it’s open until 2 AM seven days a week. At midnight, I ordered a Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy ($9.95), and it was a huge portion for the price (enough for two meals), nicely stir-fried with minimal oil, and the bok choy(s?) themselves were little tiny things (always better than the large ones, from my experience).

At my request, the restaurant made this dish without MSG which is both a good and a bad thing. It needed a few drops of soy sauce to wake it up, but it was a very good dish, and came with better than average rice.

From my experience, X.O. Taste’s biggest strength is the hanging roast pork purchased by the pound.

Several days later, I got essentially the same order, except with Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli (also $9.95). This was the same quality cooking, same quality vegetables.

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