ChurchKey, Logan Circle

After my huge lunch at 3 Bar and Grill, I just wasn’t that hungry in the evening. However, I saw no reason whatsoever not to keep drinking.

I’m on record, early on, as saying that ChurchKey “is the finest beer hall that the Washington, DC area has ever seen. Is it the finest beer-drinking establishment in the United States? I’ll leave that question for others to discuss.” Nothing has transpired over the past year to change my mind – I think the place has only gotten better, thanks in large part to the great beer sommelier, Greg Engert.

I said hello to Greg in passing, and we had a brief discussion. His childlike enthusiasm about beer (I know that’s something of an oxymoron) is radiant and infectious – talking with him makes me want to run out and buy every book I can find and try to master the subject.

It’s never a bad idea to get what’s on cask here (ChurchKey has several, to go along with their 555 other beers), and I couldn’t resist a pint of Oliver’s Old Habit ($6) from Pratt Street Ale House in Baltimore. I love English brown ales, and doubly, triply so from cask.

Usually when I’m at ChurchKey, I try to order several different beers; on this evening, I ordered a second Oliver’s, then a third. Why?

You know what they say about Old Habits.

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