Panjshir, Falls Church, VA

(See the December 24th, 2010 Review here.)

Panjshir was absolutely slammed on Sunday night due to a recent Groupon offer – every table was full, there were several people waiting at the door, and there was a twenty-five minute wait for carryout orders.

(A good reason to enjoy a Singha next door at Bangkok Blues (which incidentally was also slammed due to a recent Groupon offer, no doubt because they saw how many people it was bringing into Panjshir.))

I cannot stray from the turnips here no matter how hard I try. The Shalgam Chalow ($11.95) was as consistent as it always is – likewise a side order of Kadu ($5.95). If you order carryout from here, and have any meat dishes (which will be invariably more savory), these sweetish vegetable dishes work well side-by-side as a foil.

Unfortunately, the Kebab-E-Gos Fund ($15.95) was an expensive miss. This is a (big) skewer of slightly marinated lamb chunks, served with green pepper and onion along with saffron rice. The lamb was tough, dry, and overcooked. Was it because the kitchen was Groupon-slammed? Maybe so.

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