York Castle, Rockville, MD

This was my first trip to the new York Castle, and it certainly won’t be my last. The old location (in Silver Spring) was one of my frequent haunts and I’m happy to say that – excessively cold temperature (both outside the building, and inside the freezer) aside, this ice cream hasn’t missed a beat since when I last had it.

Matt and I forewent the tempting tiramisu at Il Pizzico because we saw this driving by. Yes, guilt for having ice cream now three times in two days, but what am I to do? We got three of the “classic” York Castle flavors, all three having a registered trademark: Guinness, grape nuts, and Amaretto. The Guinness-grape nuts combo was my cup of choice for a long time, but I have to say that Matt’s Amaretto is making me rethink my strategy for my next visit.

While I wouldn’t call York Castle the best ice cream in town, it’s certainly much better than average, and worth going out of your way for. And I just love the new digs, too.

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