River Falls Seafood Co., Potomac, MD

I’ve always been impressed by the fish for sale at River Falls Seafood Co. (and remember having a really good crabcake sandwich there once), but have never tried their sushi before this week.

A platter of Assorted Sashimi ($14.95) was supposed to be 12 pieces of fish (3 tuna, 2 yellowtail, 1 crab, 2 octopus, 2 salmon, and 2 flounder), but like any decent sushi counter, they instead went with what was fresh (or what they had in stock). Mine was actually 13 pieces (2 salmon, 2 rockfish (!), 3 medium-fatty tuna, 2 surimi (grrrrrrrr!), 2 octopus, and 2 escolar). The gentleman preparing my dish made a nice gesture by asking me if I’d like a little rice also (I did).

The clear stars here were the rockfish, which was just awesome, and the octopus. The tuna was good, and in fact the surimi (crab stick) was about the best I’ve ever had. Strangely, the losers in the bunch were the salmon and escolar, both of which were pre-sliced (!) albeit still sitting in the wedge of fish, and paper thin.

The rice, by the way, wasn’t bad at all, and would have made good sushi – maybe next time, I’ll try the nigiri; this time, I wished I’d gotten double orders of the rockfish and octopus.

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