Molly’s Yogurt, Vienna, VA

In the same parking lot as Nizam’s, Molly’s Yogurt was opened last year by Jeremy Schottler, owner of Italian Gourmet (also in the same parking lot).

Molly’s Yogurt, however, is something of a misnomer because the real treat there is the gelato, made by pastry chef Gianluigi Dellaccio from Washington, DC. After dinner at Nizam’s, we strolled in and I got a small cup of Pistacchio ($3) for the ride – it barely made it out of the parking lot.

Molly’s is very good gelato (I’d love to say “great” gelato, but my sample size is too small). It’s worth a detour if you’re near Vienna, and you’ll find it tucked around the back of the parking lot, so look for Nizam’s or Italian Gourmet as your landmarks.

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