Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee, Arlington, VA

Whenever I’m getting coffee near East Falls Church Metro (which is often), I avoid driving to Starbucks and usually find myself at Toby’s, formerly Scoop Beauregard’s. (Toby “Rub” (*) Bantug and his wife Monina used to work at Scoop’s, then purchased it and renamed it).

One thing that I love about this place is that, unlike Starbucks, you can order a large coffee and still get change back from $2. Toby’s uses local roaster M.E. Swing for their coffee, and I tend to go for a large cup of French Roast ($1.75).

I don’t eat a lot of ice cream (but boy I sure went on a rampage this weekend). However, I’ve always been intrigued by the two levels that Toby’s features: “home made” (which is made in small batches) and “made in-house” (which is made on premises). They feature a minimum of 16% butterfat, so it’s well above any definition of “super premium” you could come up with – I got a small cup of Oreo ($2.34), and it was fantastic.

Toby’s is a very underrated source of good ice cream in the area. It’s more than worthy of your business.

(*) Could. Not. Resist.

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