Cali Yogurt, Adams Morgan

Cali Yogurt (technically one word in all lowercase) is known for two things: frozen yogurt, and tea.

So I made the mistake of combining both. A Green Tea Yogurt ($3.50 for a small) was ordered unadorned, which was also a mistake: fat-free, super tangy, and just plain awful in its native state, I’m certain I did this place no justice by getting the least appealing thing on the menu. I let it melt overnight, and it was no better this morning.

The website touts the fruit toppings as being fresh, not frozen, and I don’t take that lightly – I’ve had raspberries and blackberries at other frozen-yogurt places that are still frozen when I get them, and have the texture of a shortbread cookie. Fresh fruit toppings are a big plus.

The place is small and cute in that Yo Fruit / Jackie’s type of way, and the staff was extremely friendly (can you tell I feel guilty?) So, on the agenda for next time: plain yogurt, topped with fruit; or, one of their eighteen different teas.

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