Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, VA

I almost walked into Pat Troy’s for a pint yesterday before dinner, but then logic (i.e., the thought of clean lines) took hold of me, and so I walked over to Restaurant Eve.

A pint of Guinness ($7) it was, and who knew that it would be such a perfect – and I mean perfect – pairing with an order of Deviled Eggs ($7), three halves, swirled high with a rich center of yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, etc., the Guinness all of a sudden tasted sweeter and less bitter, and the eggs lighter and less heavy. Wonderful!

I felt like staying vegetarian last night, so ordered some small plates. Along with the deviled eggs, I ordered Crisp Potatoes with Aioli ($7) from the bar menu. Roasted fingerlings, topped with just a teasing amount of Aioli, I (perhaps with a touch of guilt) added a knifeful of Kerrygold butter and improvised my own version of smashed potatoes.

From the bistro menu, listed as side dishes, there was a Cauliflower Gratin ($7.50) and some Roasted Brussels Sprouts ($7.50). Along with the ciabatta by my side, and a glass of 2009 Pikes Riesling ($12) from Australia’s Clare Valley, I had a cornucopia of tastes from which to choose (I even improvised my own version of Aloo Gobi with the potatoes and cauliflower).

Vegetarian fine dining at one of our very best restaurants, done on the cheap. What’s not to like?

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