Bánh Cuốn Thăng Long, Eden Center, Falls Church, VA

Deep in the ever-changing recesses of Eden Center lies Bánh Cuốn Thăng Long, specializing in Bánh Cuốn, the thin, rolled, rice crêpe, stuffed with pork, or whatever else they feel like stuffing it with.

The first-time diner here would be doing well to get these; I opted for the Bún Bì ($7 for a large bowl), the traditional rice noodles topped with shredded pork, served with cilantro and some shredded carrots, and manually dressed with fiery red pepper sauce, chili-vinegar and fish sauce.

This is a mom-n-pop in the truest sense of the word, with a mom (in the kitchen), a pop (working the front of the house), and quite possibly a daughter (helping the mom in the kitchen).

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