Breeze, Annandale, VA

Although Breeze is relatively new, I’ve somehow found myself there three times already – the first for a bingsu, the second for gelato, and the third for a baked good.

It’s right next to Yechon, and is in fact owned by the same people – the two work really well together because they could not be more different. It’s perfectly reasonable to walk out of Yechon after your bulgogi and finish it off with a bingsu at Breeze.

Many Korean pastries come across to me as “Variations on a Twinkie.”  And such was my Green Tea Fresh Cream Cake ($4.25) a layered, rice-flour based green-tea sponge cake alternating with cream frosting, topped with some decorative (but not particularly enthralling) fruits – a blackberry, a strawberry, a slice of kiwi, a pineapple.  With coffee, or more appropriately, tea, this dessert reaches even new heights.

I’m not sure whether or not it’s the holiday season, but for some reason, I’ve found myself going to bakeries a lot this month.  Breeze has WiFi, and is open from 8 AM until midnight, seven days a week.

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