Yola, Dupont Circle

Yola just opened a few days ago, and is, in theory, the latest yogurt (*) entry in an already over-saturated market. But, although I didn’t have any yogurt, this one might have some legs.

(*) Ah, but it’s not frozen yogurt; it’s fresh!

First of all, it’s not Starbucks, serves Counter Culture coffee, and is in a dense pedestrian area (the same block as The Big Hunt (N.B. Tomatillo Tacqueria was closed today — grrr)).

A Green Smoothie ($5.75 for a large) is a great alternative to Chop’t across the street.  It’s expensive, and not very big, but is just enough to get you through the afternoon while being as healthy as it can possibly be – it’s blended with apple, banana, mango, broccoli, cucumber, kiwi, and orange juice. If I worked here, I’d be getting these all the time.

There’s free WiFi, and a big back area to work, sip, and spoon. All initial signs point to close attention being paid to quality ingredients, environmental consciousness, and sustainable farming (yes, go ahead and roll your eyes – I just did, too).

I asked co-owner Laura Smith if the menu was online (it is), but just as I asked, a gentleman came in with the very first batch of printed menus – she asked me if I’d like to be the first customer ever to have one. You bet!

Maybe I should’ve had her autograph it, because the website has a “locations” tab on the main page. Although this is the first Yola, something tells me it won’t be the last.

Good luck to the new kids on the block, and my smoothie was delicious.

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