Posts of Distinction: Selected Writings on, 12/26 – 1/1

Happy New Year and good Monday morning. Here is the third in our trilogy of Holiday Tributes to the outstanding members of, without whom there would be no document of lasting value (and yes, I consider to be a document, one which will be referred to 500 years from now, rather than just “a website.”)

Beginning next Monday morning: the dynamics behind the Dining Guide.

From Our “Restaurants and Dining” Section

Black and Orange (darkstar965)

Black’s Bar and Kitchen (Kibbee Nayee)

Bobby’s Burger Palace (jiveturk21)

Cakelove (KMango)

Capital City Cheesecake (Murphie)

Cheesetique Wine Bar (KMango)

Corduroy (Heather)

Deli City (beachgirl54)

Dining at Reagan National Airport (Heather, Drive-by Critic, qwertyy, KMango)

Eola (pedrsmit)

Estadio (mr food, hmmboy)

Fiola (ktmoomau)

Freddy’s Lobster and Clams (heiney90, happyguy)

Hollywood East Cafe (Heather, deangold, foodobsessed6)

Hwaro-Norito (pras)

Little Serow (Simon, foodobsessed6)

Lunchbox (Lydia R)

Michael’s Noodles (foodobsessed6)

Mount of Lebanon (Kibbee Nayee)

Nostos (wristband)

Osteria 1909 (rabbi1969)

Paila (qwertyy)

PassionFish (Ericandblueboy)

Pearl Dive (dcandohio)

Ray’s The Steaks (genericeric)

Rogue 24 (chefrjdc)

Satsuma (darkstar965)

Spacebar (stupidusername)

Thai Square (Ericandblueboy)

Ultimate Chicken Bistro (Escoffier)

8407 Kitchen Bar (Heather)

From Our “Help Needed” Section

Breakfast in Alexandria (Escoffier, KMango)

Truffles, STAT. (Joe H, Waitman, synaesthesia)

From our “Events and Gatherings” Section

Best of 2011 (porcupine, JPW, lperry, Pat, ktmoomau, bettyjoan, SeanMike, weezy, Tweaked, will_5198, cucas87)

Ringing in the New Year – What Do You Eat? (Kibbee Nayee, Ilaine, DC Deb, JPW, ktmoomau, kirite, Barbara, jparrott, monavano, thistle, Xochitl10, Pat, bettyjoan, Joe H)

The Talking Parrott (jparrott, Ackermann, payback)

From Our “Shopping and Cooking” Section

Breakfast (woodchips, porcupine, leleboo, Xochitl10)

Dinner (Heather, leleboo, lperry, TheHersch, goldenticket, Anna Blume, weezy, Pat, KMango)

Favorite Chai Recipes? (ktmoomau)

Ingredient Source 911 (Anna Blume x 2, thetrain, Crackpot Gourmet, saf, Ilaine)

Latkes (AnnaBlume, TheHersch, Ilaine)

Lunch (The Hersch)

Sous-Vide Cooking (DanCole42)

Way Down Yonder in the Paw Paw Patch (SeanMike, porcupine, Ilaine, thistle)

Whole Foods (Drive-by Critic)

Yogurt (Sundae in the Park)

From our “Farmers and Farmers’ Markets Section”

Home Gardens (weezy, ktmoomau, lperry x 2)

From our “Beer and Wines” Section

Best Beer Bottle Shop in the District (SeanChai, Tweaked, theakston, TedE, The Hersch, DC Deb, ChiantiandFava, cjsadler, PeterCarrJones, qwertyy)

Growlers (Pras)

Pearsons (ol_ironstomac)

Sake (Xochitl10)

To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now? (ol_ironstomach, DanielK, and thank you, porcupine)

What Are You Drinking Right Now? (Dr Xmus, SeanMike, Keithstg)

From our “News and Media” Section

When a Server Says “You Guys” (kirite)

From Our Intrepid Traveler Section

Coastal North Carolina (thistle)

I-95 From VA to SC (Tweaked)

New Orleans, LA (choirgirl21)

Philadelphia, PA (monavano)

Portland, OR (ferment everything)

Saint Louis, MO (JoshW06150)

San Antonio, TX (pidgey)

Tampa, FL (Rhone1998)

From our “Baltimore Restaurants and Dining” Section

BlueGrass Tavern (choirgirl21)

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